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Intro to Slide Guitar in Standard Tuning

Playing slide guitar in standard tuning – as opposed to an open chord tuning – is very different, and quite difficult because you have to take extra care in damping the strings. When you play slide in an open chord tuning, you always have that chord to go back to. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in standard tuning.

As you’ll see in this lesson, the chord positions are few and far between in standard tuning, but they do exist. Particularly for the G (or A) position, the Em position, and of course, the top two strings which are consistent with what you’re usually doing in E tuning.

In this lesson, I’ll illustrate the new “box” positions that exist within this “new” tuning for slide. I don’t normally advocate this standard tuning approach, but sometimes it’s extremely convenient, especially if you want to switch off from straight fretting to slide during a song.

So, here’s your introductory lesson in standard tuning slide, and I hope you find some useful tips. You’ll see that recently, I discovered that it happens to be well-adapted to the key of C, of all things, as opposed to the usual E that we would normally try to play in. Enjoy!—Arlen Roth

Click here to check out the SG Standard from Gibson U.S.A. that Arlen is playing!
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