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Andrew Vaughan, Editor

Nashville, TN

Andrew Vaughan now has its own version of the British Invasion in Editor, Andrew Vaughan. Like his musical heroes, Ray Davies, John Lydon and Noel Gallagher, Andrew is a soccer nut and agrees wholeheartedly with legendary Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly who famously stated, "Football is not a matter of life and death. It's much more important than that.”

As a music critic, his work has appeared in Billboard, Music Week, Mojo, Q, the London Times, the Guardian, Guitar Magazine, Folk Roots and many other publications. He was founding editor of Country Music International magazine and a regular guest on BBC Radio, BBC TV and VH1 as an expert on country rock. Andrew moved from London to Nashville in 1999, bringing his PG Tips and Branston pickle with him and quickly became one of the best-connected writers on the music scene. He was Country Music Television's Director of Public Relations and has written several books on the history of country music, the best-selling Shania Twain biography Shania: Feel Like a Woman (Andre Deutsch) and has an Eagles biography coming soon. He promises to be gracious when the USA play England in the World Cup this June.