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Warranty Service Center Locations in Oregon

Char Lutherie
  5922 N. Willamette Blvd.
  Portland , Oregon 97203
  Phone: 503-286-0068

Charlie Longstreth
  455 W. 11th Ave.
  Eugene , Oregon 97401
  Phone: 541-343-9482

Dennis Berck Luthier
  * by appointment only
  Eugene , Oregon 97405
  Phone: 541-686-5007

Portland Fret Works
  3027 NE Alberta Ave.
  Portland , Oregon 97211
  Phone: 503-249-3737

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Note: Not all authorized service centers are equipped to handle every type of service issue. We recommend you call first to discuss your service issue and confirm that the service center can address your specific repair needs.

For purchases made outside of the US, please contact your authorized distributor

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