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The Customer Service and Support FAQ

We talk to Gibson Family owners and enthusiasts all over the world, and have compiled the most often asked questions with answers for you to view. If you have a specific topic that you do not see addressed here, call 1.800.4GIBSON OR through our Online Contact Form. We’re all ears. Talk 2 Us! We will respond as quickly as possible.


  • How do I get a quote on my own one of a kind, Gibson Custom guitar?
  • Counterfeit guitars
  • Is the warranty transferable?
  • I did not receive an owner's manual with my instrument - is one available?
  • How do I obtain warranty service?
  • My instrument has small cracks in the finish – what causes this? Is it covered under the warranty?
  • What is “stand damage”?
  • What can I do to prevent tarnish on the hardware?
  • How much is my Gibson guitar, amplifier, or mandolin worth?
  • How can I date/ID my instrument by serial number?
  • How can I find a dealer in my area?
  • Do you have an online warranty registration?
  • I’ve placed my order through an authorized dealer, but how do I check on it’s status?
  • Does Gibson sell direct to the public?
  • Does Gibson offer factory tours?
  • Why are there not more left handed models?
  • I have a Gibson instrument or amplifier and need a schematic – are they available?
  • How can I locate parts for instruments that are no longer in production?
  • The combination lock on my case won’t open, how can I open it without damaging or removing the lock?
  • I would like a replacement COA (certificate of authenticity) for my instrument. How can I obtain this?
  • Does Gibson offer product donations?
  • I purchased an Epiphone Les Paul Pee Wee model and it won't stay in tune - how do I keep this in tune?
  • How do I receive a product endorsement from Gibson?
  • How do I become an authorized dealer?
  • Which strings do you recommend for my Epiphone instrument?