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Gibson Amphitheatre

Gibson has joined with Universal Studios and House of Blues Concerts to rename the Universal Amphitheatre, “The Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Citywalk” in a deal that calls for an overall strategic partnership encompassing the venue, themed areas and sales and marketing programs.

The famous amphitheatre, renowned as a prestigious venue for contemporary music among performers and fans since 1972, will now boast one of the most celebrated names in the musical instrument industry. Known as one of the most prestigious brands in American history, Gibson Guitar Corp. is best known for producing the world’s highest quality instruments.

Universal Studios Partnerships represented Universal Studios in the 10 year deal with Gibson Guitar.

The ambitious agreement with Universal Studios and House of Blues Concerts underlines Gibson’s strategy for a global marketing profile through creative alliances with “best of class” entertainment partners. Gibson’s goal for music entertainment leadership, concentrated in major music markets worldwide, is nowhere more important than in the highly influential Southern California marketplace. The deal also allows Gibson a forum for production partnerships with major television and media entities, and for its substantial philanthropic support of such groups as The Grammy Foundation, MusiCares, The National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts, The Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Rainforest Alliance and many others.

“Virtually every star in every musical genre has played the Universal Amphitheatre at some point and virtually every single musical star of today and yesterday has made magical music with Gibson Guitar,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp. “The partnership and musical history of our entertainment icons made perfect sense to take to the next level.”

“We couldn’t have found a better brand with which to partner – Gibson is about prestige and a rich musical legacy and the amphitheatre is the premiere LA concert venue, and has been for over 30 years,” said Stephanie Sperber, Executive Vice President, Universal Studios Partnerships. “We’re looking forward to integrating Gibson’s brand imagery and content into the amphitheatre space and feel it will enrich the consumer experience.”

As part of the 10 year deal, Gibson Guitar will participate in on-site enhancements to the amphitheatre including an exclusive new skybox, logo integrations and design work, uniform branding for all employees and additional visuals for the Universal Studios Backlot tram tour. Spectacular lighting treatments and guitar silhouettes are also being planned to complement the outdoor atmosphere.

A joint marketing plan has been activated to include broadcast, print, internet, ticketing, special events, publicity, promotional support and concert promotions in conjunction with the House of Blues team.

House of Blues Concerts exclusively books more than 100 shows a year at the amphitheatre and will partner with Gibson Guitar on a select number of special events annually. The venue has showcased superstar performers from every genre of music. The amphitheatre provided Madonna a stage for her Los Angeles debut in 1985, hosted Pope John Paul II’s closed circuit teleconference in 1987 and recently celebrated seven sold-out record breaking shows performed by George Lopez. The venue plays host to a multitude of televised events, prestigious awards shows, film premieres and family oriented programs such as Barney and The Wiggles.

“As the definitive live music brand, House of Blues looks forward to providing a platform for Gibson Guitar,” said Alex Hodges, Executive Vice President, House of Blues Concerts. “By embarking on this venture with Gibson, a luminary in the music world, we will be able to craft an unparalleled live music experience for the artists and millions of guests who will enjoy the Gibson Amphitheatre in the future.”

Other enhancements throughout the amphitheatre will include an official Gibson Guitar Garden where artists will be honored and visitors will have a chance to visit. A special grand celebration to launch the partnership in mid-2005 is currently being planned and is promised to be a star-studded once-in-a-lifetime event for the Gibson Amphitheatre.

Universal Citywalk is a unique dining and shopping promenade adjacent to Universal Studios Hollywood featuring 65 entertainment-themed restaurants, clubs, shops and movie theaters. Universal Studios Hollywood is a unit of Universal Parks & Resorts, a division of Universal Studios. Universal Studios is part of NBC Universal.