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Hillbilly Jim's Gibson J-45


When WWF wrestling legend and Blues Guitarist, Hillbilly Jim, brought his Gibson J-45 into the shop, it looked like it had just lost a cage match....with a package delivery service (who shall remain nameless)! The defeating blow to the guitar was delivered during transport from New York to Nashville.


Hillbilly was skeptical, to say the least, but we promised him that all was not lost and we could put his ‘baby’ right again. A promise is not a thing given lightly, especially when the guy you’re making the promise to is 6’7”, 285 lbs. and solid muscle! It took a couple of headlocks, but we were able to convince him to leave the guitar with us for the repair work.


Using traditional methods combined with our proprietary process for broken necks and headstocks, we had Jim’s guitar back together in short order. And he has our guarantee that it will never break again!


Needless to say Jim’s a happy guy!

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