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Les Paul Axcess Gets a Rave Review!

Gabriel J. Hernandez

Typically, we’re not ones to toot our own horn, but we sure do love it when someone else does it for us!

We ran across a recent article gushing about the new Les Paul Axcess Standard from Gibson Custom, and we thought we’d pass it along for your reading pleasure.

The review was written by Simon Bradley for our good friends at Bradley is the former reviews editor of Guitarist magazine, now in charge of the magazine’s CD and multimedia department.

The piece gives a pretty thorough explanation of the Les Paul Axcess and all its splendid features, including the guitar’s factory installed Floyd Rose double-locking vibrato and its reduced heel and added body contour design.

According to the review, the Les Paul Axcess Standard may “prove to be the most versatile Les Paul since the first Jimmy Page Signature.” Of course, we’re not going to disagree with their assessment.

Click here to read the entire review.

Click here to see and hear the guitar in action.

And heartfelt thanks to our friends at … keep up the good work!

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