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The 6th To 9th Chord Runs

These are great sounding licks that build on the previous swing arpeggio lesson. I like to play these as three-note at a time runs that simply take the 6th chord and chromatically walk down to essentially the same shape that now becomes the 9th chord.

This approach is based loosely on the “Memphis” stylings of Chuck Berry, and his predecessor, T Bone Walker. It also very much simulates a lot of what some of the Western swing lap steel Hawaiian guitar players played, such as Herb Remington, Jerry Byrd and Speedy West.

Please take note of when and where we make the change to different sets of strings, and their new positions. After awhile, you should be able to find these rather quickly, and be able to get “in and out” of the 3-note shapes. It’ll definitely take some real practice, so please put your mind and fingers to the task! Hope you enjoy! Enjoy! —Arlen Roth


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