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Chromatic Blues Runs To Gain Speed

These are some very rare and unusual positions to find these kinds of notes in, and they can really help build up your ability to pick at a rapid speed. I developed these years ago as an alternative to playing the same old notes in the same old positions, and even though we are using many of the “same old notes”, they sure AREN’T in the same old positions!

This is something for you to strive for in your own playing, and it’s what has always pushed me forward to come up with new and creative ideas within my own improvisation. And being a good improviser is what it’s really all about in the end, and I hope these positions give you some new ideas.

Be sure to utilize the “down – up” style of picking as you work through these runs, and please take special note of where some of the runs take a little shift into reverse, even though the picking style remains the same. In those cases, it’s a very subtle, yet strong musical shift that is taking place with the left hand. Hope you enjoy!

Enjoy!Arlen Roth

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