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The Little Drummer Boy

About This Lesson: Hello Guitar Students!I put together a very easy instrumental for beginning to intermediate students.

This chord melody requires you to use "Drop D Tuning". All that you need to do is: Lower String 6 from its original "E" pitch to a "D" note (one whole step lower). I did this because it added an extra low bass for this song; I used it to create a dramatic pulsating motion for the song.

Even though easy to play, it turned out very nice sounding. Think about which fingers to use to play your notes. Common sense will guide you. This should be a lot of fun, and not take a long time to learn.

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Instructor: Peter Simms

Below are the lead sheet (melody and chords) and the Guitar Arrangement:

Little Drummer Boy lead 1
Little Drummer Boy lead 2
Little Drummer Boy lead 3
Little Drummer Boy lead 4
Little Drummer Boy guitar arrangement 1
Little Drummer Boy guitar arrangement 2
Little Drummer Boy guitar arrangement 3
Little Drummer Boy guitar arrangement 4

Listen to the midi file of the arrangement:


EDITOR'S NOTE: If you enjoyed this lesson, you probably will want to check out Peter's version of Silent Night, which you will find here:

Happy Christmas to all!


Peter Simms

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