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Learn & Master Guitar - Pentatonic Scales - pt1

Steve Krenz

Learn & Master Guitar - Session 11 - Pentatonic Scales - The Foundation of Soloing - Part 1

In this course Steve discusses Pentatonic Scales, Five Pentatonic Forms, Common Pentatonic Patterns and in the Guitar Tips section he talks about Playing in Any Key and Using Pentatonics. He finishes this lesson with a discussion of Ear Training.

First question - What is a Pentatonic Scale? A PENTATONIC SCALE is a five note scale derived from the major scale. It uses the first, second, third, fifth, and sixth steps of the major scale.

Second question - What are Relative Major & Minor Roots? There is a special relationship between the first and sixth step of the major scale which is called RELATIVE. The first step of the major scale is called the RELATIVE MAJOR. The sixth step is called the RELATIVE MINOR. To find the relative minor when given the relative major you would go up from the relative major six steps in the major scale. You could also go down two steps from the relative major to find the relative minor. After you find the relative major or minor root, you can then build the appropriate major or minor scale. Relative major and minor scales share the same KEY SIGNATURE.

The estimated time to learn the concepts is 4 weeks!

Download printable materials that you will need for the Lessons - Click here.

Session 11 has been split up into 7 parts on's Lesson Section.

    Session 11 - Part 1       Session 11 - Part 5
    Session 11 - Part 2       Session 11 - Part 6
    Session 11 - Part 3       Session 11 - Part 7
    Session 11 - Part 4        

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Check out what's Dave Hunter had to say about the course!  Lesson Review: Learn & Master Guitar: Expanded Edition by Steve Krenz

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