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Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar - Session 18 - Jazz - Part 3

Steve Krenz - Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Session 18 - Jazz

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar - Session 18 - Jazz - Part 1

In this course Steve covers Jazz Guitar Playing, Chord Melody Soloing, Ways to Jazz Up Chord Progressions, Major Seventh Chord Forms, Minor Seventh Chord Forms, and Ninth Chord Forms. In the How Music Works section he talks about Ninths, Elevenths & 13ths.

A Chord Melody involves playing a melody in chords with the melody as the highest tone in the chord and all the other notes voiced beneath the melody note.

Ways to Jazz Up Chord Progressions - Add Color Tones - A COLOR TONE is a tone added to the basic chord to create a more complex chord. Usually these added tones come directly from the major scale, but sometimes they can be major scale tones that have been altered such as a sharped 9th. Remember that there are only seven notes in a major scale and then repeat, so if you are referring to a ninth, this is actually the second scale step. The eleventh is the same as the fourth and the thirteenth is the sixth.

The estimated time to learn the concepts is 3 weeks!

Download printable materials that you will need for the Lessons - Click here.

Session 18 has been split up into 4 parts on's Lesson Section.

    Session 18 - Part 1      
    Session 18 - Part 2      
    Session 18 - Part 3      
    Session 18 - Part 4      

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar
Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar is serious guitar training.

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