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The Gibson Foundation Supports ISME with Music Education and Community Awards

Nina Miller
he Gibson Foundation Supports ISME with Music Education and Community Awards

The 2008 International Society of Music Education Conference took place in Bologna from July 21-25th. The Gibson Foundation supports ISME with two very special awards – the ISME-Gibson Music Education Awards, which are awarded every two years at the bi-annual conference; and the ISME-Gibson Community Music Awards, which are awarded on alternate years.

he Gibson Foundation Supports ISME with Music Education and Community Awards
Gibson Foundation's Nina Miller, 2008 ISME-Gibson Music Education Award recipients Carlo Delfrati (founding member of SIEM, Italian Society for Music Education) and Franscesco Galtieri for the "Note di Pace" project; Liane Hentschke, President of the International Society for Music Education (ISME)

About the ISME-Gibson Awards for Music Education: These awards are presented at the ISME World Conference and recognize outstanding achievement and service in the discipline, thereby providing acknowledgment for exemplary music educators and their institutions whose work enriches music education in their home country and serves as an exemplar for the ideals of music education internationally. The award carries with it $20,000USD for each organization or institution's music program honored as well as $5,000 in instruments and the commemorative Gibson Guitar.

About Carlo Delfrati/SIEM: Carlo has dedicated more than 40 years to the training of teaches and children ini the field of music education. He was also one of the primary people involved in the founding of SIEM - the Italian Society for Music Education (in 1969). Carlo is recognized as having renewed the concept and practice of Italian music teaching; he has published key contriubtions in ithe sector of music didactics; he has helped initiate over many years a wide-ranging number of projects in the field of music education and he has been involved in the establishment of numerous public and private institutions which aim to renew and promote musical culture and music education at all levels in Italy.

About Franscesco Galtieiri / Note di Pace: Set up by the Scuolo Popolare di Musica 'Donna Olimpia' in Rome, and has allowed public and private institutions to integrate at national and international levels with the common aim of promoting and activating programs of music education and training at various age ranges. Its mission represents a tool for collaboration, intercultural exchange and dialogue between people in conflict. This organization has done a great deal to develop music making and music education within Italy and more broadly within Europe.


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