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So One Day We Were Having Lunch


I met DJ Johnny Juice over dinner with some people from Cakewalk music software after a trade show, and he said that Brian Hardgroove, the bassist for Public Enemy, was moving to Santa Fe and as I live there as well, we should get together. Several months passed by as we were both pretty busy, but one day we managed to meet for lunch. I said I was looking for opportunities to play live, and Brian mentioned that a band had canceled from playing at the upcoming Santa Fe Muzik Fest due to logistical issues. I offered to do my DJ/remix/fader-slamming act, but Brian suggested maybe we should do something with the two of us. As we both had done “pickup bands” before, we thought it would be fun to put something together.

As to deciding the format, I mentioned that I’d been using the Digital Les Paul and it was capable of making really huge sounds.

Digital LP

I’d really taken a liking to the guitar, not just for what it was (or because of the nifty blue color, although that didn’t hurt!), but because I felt that I was just starting to realize the full implications what it could do, and that it could take me – and any audience – to entirely new places.

To keep things simple, after debating whether we should add other people, we decided it would be more of a challenge to see if we could make things happen with just the two of us. The appeal of playing without a safety net also got me hooked, as a little bit of danger is a good thing when playing live – it keeps the adrenaline going. The more we talked, the more we realized we were on the same wavelength. We decided to get an act together by the 10th of August, the start of the Santa Fe Muzik Fest – which was looking to turn out to be a major event in the southwest.