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Craig Anderton of EV2


Welcome to the Blog

Craig Anderton is an internationally-known icon in the world of musical electronics. He’s played on, produced, or mixed over 20 major-label releases, written 20 books, given seminars on technology and the arts in 37 states and 10 countries, played in Europe with Air Liquide and Rei$$dorf Force…and that’s just scratching the surface; his bio is at

But his most recent project is the band EV2 with Brian Hardgroove (of Public Enemy) on drums. It’s just the two of them, but a crucial component of their sound is the Digital Les Paul. As Craig says, “EV2 would simply not be possible without what this guitar can do, and it’s liberated Brian as a drummer – the freedom gained by having a full band sound with only two people is something neither of us have experienced before.”

When Gibson found out about EV2, we realized that it was truly going where no band had gone before. And when Craig told us how he was using the Digital Les Paul, we asked if he’d write a blog so that others could benefit from what he’s learned. Along the way, there are also some fascinating insights about the process of putting a band – and a guitar rig – together.

So, enjoy the blog…and if EV2 ever appears in your area, don’t miss the chance to hear and see what Brian and Craig have put together. You will be amazed.

Henry Juszkiewicz
Chairman and CEO, Gibson Guitar

A Taste of EV2