Baldwin Piano Welcomes Grammy Nominated Pianist Bob Baldwin to Family of Endorsees
Thursday, October 12, 2006
Nashville, TN…October 12, 2006    Baldwin Piano announced the addition of Grammy nominated and Sony Innovator Award Winner Bob Baldwin to the list of endorsees who will exclusively play Baldwin Piano. Baldwin, who shares the same name as the piano maker known as America’s favorite piano, is also a sought after producer and national radio host.

A native of Mt. Vernon, NY, Bob Baldwin was taught piano at a young age by his father, Bob Sr., who was a popular jazz pianist. Before he was 8 he was taking classical music lessons to work on his dexterity. During that time Baldwin found himself enamored with some of his father’s collection of music including Vince Guaraldi, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock and Ramsey Lewis. He studied Gospel music while in college and enjoyed listening to Edwin Hawkins and Andre Crouch.

In 1988 Baldwin released his first album through Malaco Records. During then he also submitted his project to the Sony Innovators Award competition where his talents were recognized by Roberta Flack who later selected him as the frontrunner of over 300 applicants. This recognition led to a deal with Atlantic Jazz under the leadership of Sylvia Rhone and the first of nine releases was produced. In 1996 he developed his own production company called City Sketches, Inc., distributed by 215 Music, and he will soon release his first DVD as well as his 11th CD in Spring of 2007. Later in 2007, look for the first Baldwin Recording using the legendary Baldwin Piano.

Currently living between Atlanta, Ga. and Westchester County, NY, Baldwin recently performed at the Gibson Memphis Beale St Showcase in Memphis where his style and techniques were embraced by the crowds in a city rich in musical heritage. He will continue to perform throughout the country using Baldwin Piano exclusively and will be featured in various press opportunities for the company. For more info on Bob Baldwin, visit For more information on Baldwin Piano go to

Baldwin has been “America’s Favorite Piano” since 1862, when former music teacher D.H. Baldwin opened his music store in Cincinnati, Oh. At the turn of the twentieth century, Baldwin pianos won international awards, and by the end of the century Baldwin was the largest American piano maker. Baldwin is a division of the Gibson Guitar Corp. and is based in Trumann, Arkansas. Baldwin artists include Amy Lee of Evanessence, maestro Vladimir Viardo, contemporary artist Ben Folds, Latin sensation Arthur Hanlon and many more. The Baldwin family of brands includes Hamilton, Wurlitzer, Chickering and D.H. Baldwin. For more information on Baldwin Piano go to

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