Monday, July 14, 2008
Gibson Guitar, the world's premier musical instrument manufacturer and leader in music technology announced the launch of the official Gibson Island on Second (SL). Gibson is the first major music manufacturer to establish an official island in Second Life and has advanced the opportunity for consumers to participate in an exciting virtual world complete with digital luthiers, instruments and guest stars. The Gibson Island will officially launch at 8am SL Time on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 with an exclusive live music performance at 6pm SL Time.

In tribute to the legendary Gibson Les Paul guitar and the musician, the Gibson Island is in the shape of the famous guitar body and rises up from the ocean in Second Life. The "island" will feature humbucker mountains, full theatres, mini -theatres and other areas resembling pick ups and other aspects of a Gibson guitar.

As part of the launch, 70s multi-platinum solo artist and former Fleetwood Mac vocalist/guitarist Bob Welch will perform in an exclusive concert with other Second Life musicians. Bob Welch's avatar, "Bob Welch Magic" will also appear on stage along with celebrity musicians Cypress Rosewood and Von Johin. The concert kicks off a series of concerts which will be produced and performed only on the Gibson Island in Second Life over the period of a few months. Wednesday's inaugural concert series is a first for the musical instrument manufacturing industry and features an entire day of exclusive performances on the Gibson Island.

The schedule includes:
8am - Mimi Carpenter performs folk music from Paris, France
9am - Hathead Rickenbacker plays blues piano from Toronto, Canada
10am - Forsythe Whitfield plays the blues from Manitoba, Canada
11am - Cylindrean Rutabega from Atlanta, George plays guitar and piano in an exclusive blues performance
12pm - Joaquin Gustav, Latin jazz guitarist from Buenos Aires, Argentina
1pm - World music from Peregrine Singh in California
2pm - Etherian Kamaboko Blues and Folk from North Carolina
3pm - Charles E Bristol XI, 86 year old authentic blues singer performs with his Gibson Lucille from North Carolina
4pm - Julian2914 Hifeng performs jazz instrumentals from Montana
5pm - Cypress Rosewood is live with "Space Music" from Nashville, Tennessee
6pm - Von John is playing the Country Blues from Nashville, Tennessee
7pm  - Finale concert with Bob Welch performing acoustic pop from Nashville, Tennessee as avatar Bob Welch Magic

The Gibson Island features various stages including mini-theatres featuring classic blues performances by Matt Murphy, Howlin' Wolf and more. A variety of movie screens scattered around the island provides exclusive audio content and experiences along with news and information sites.

Second Life residents will have the opportunity to experience some of the world's most popular Gibson guitars for free.Over two-dozen "high prim" virtual Gibson models will be available throughout the Gibson Island only, allowing Second Life residents to own their dream guitar in this virtual world. The models will include Gibson's Hound Dog Dobro Acoustic, Hummingbird Acoustic, SJ 200 Acoustic, Deluxe Songwriter Acoustic, J-45 Acoustic, F5G Mandolin, ES335 Heritage, 50th Anniversary Commemorative Explorer, Flying V, Les Paul Classic, Slash Inspired By Les Paul, John Lennon Signature Les Paul, Les Paul Robot, Les Paul Supreme, Double Cut Longhorn, SG Diablo, SG Angus Young Signature, SG Standard and Les Paul Classic models.

Second Life is a dynamic virtual world in which to participate in. A whole world of information and creativity is at your fingertips. To create a Second Life account/avatar and enter the Gibson Island, go to, and follow the instructions to setting up a new account, for free. Once you have set up your account and installed custom software you will go "inworld" to the Second Life grid. You will first enter into "Orientation Island". This is where you go through basic tutorials to learn how to manipulate and navigate your new 3D avatar character in the virtual world. At the bottom of the Second Life user interface, you will find a "Map" button. Press the map button and then type in "Gibson Island" in the field next to the "search" button. Then select the "search" button. The map will then locate Gibson Island and you will then select the "Teleport" button. At that point you will transport to Gibson Island.

Second Life Gibson avatars will have exclusive opportunities to own Gibson Gear, apparel and accessories virtually. Gibson Entertainment will provide exclusive produced videos and audio programming which will play on the movie screens throughout the 65,000 sq foot virtual island including celebrity interviews, music lessons, fun facts, company history, documentaries and performances. Visitors will be able to explore the island's many areas on the Gibson Tour Trolley or simply fly or teleport through each location.

The Gibson Island features numerous highlights which include:
-Gibson Forest: Walk the path and learn about the woods that make the extraordinary Gibson guitars recognized around the world as the premier musical instrument
-Gibson Theatre: View exclusive Gibson movies 24/7 complete with soft drinks and popcorn.
-Gibson Radio: The launch of the new Second Life radio station will play music from legendary Gibson artists and include live interviews and radio broadcasts
-Gibson Rock and Roll Stage: Full sized concert stage for musical performances
-Wurlitzer Cafe: Step back in time and experience the cafe that hosts all the latest Wurlitzer Jukebox models
-Gibson Custom Guitar Shop: You want your own virtual Gibson guitar customized? Come meet Gibson's official virtual luthier, Myriam Beck
-Gibson Guitar of the Month Boardwalk: Showcasing each 2008 monthly axe release virtually
-Gibson Gear Stores: Second Life visitors can view Gibson branded products, gear, apparel, furniture and much more that are available
-Gibson Labs: Here is where Second Life visitors can pick up their free Holographic Personal Video Movie screen and watch educational and entertaining Gibson videos.
-The J200 Building: Gibson Acoustic instruments will be given away inside this Gibson J200 Shaped building on the island
-The Gibson Amplifier Building: In honor of Gibson Amps, virtual Gibson amp models will be available here
-The Mandolin Building: Shaped like the famous Gibson Mandolin, Second Life visitors can climb a rope to the lookout tower at the base of the headstock or go inside for a virtual free Gibson F5 Mandolin

NOTE TO MEDIA: As part of the launch event, select editors from around the globe will have the chance to enter the Gibson Island as exclusive avatars created only for them. This is a limited opportunity and editors or reporters interested in one of the exclusive avatars available should contact the media contacts listed below immediately to reserve their spot. Once the limited number of created avatars are assigned to media there will not be any more created for the launch event.

About Second Life:
Second Life is a 3-D Virtual world entirely created by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown to host over 14 million inhabitants from around the globe. From the moment you enter the world, visitors discover a vast digital continent, teaming with people in entertainment, other experiences and new opportunities. The millions of users launched Second Life five years ago along with Linden Labs and some of the world's greatest musicians have already created their own avatars to explore the virtual capacity of Second Life. The virtual world is free to join and available for Mac, Windows and Linux computer platforms. To register go to

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About Gibson Brands:

Gibson Brands, the fastest-growing company in the music and sound industries, was founded in 1894 and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Gibson Brands is a global leader in musical instruments, consumer electronics, and professional audio, and is dedicated to bringing the finest experiences to consumers by offering exceptional products with world-recognized brands.

Gibson Brands has a portfolio of over 100 well-recognized brand names starting with the #1 guitar brand, Gibson. Other instrument brands include Epiphone, Dobro, Valley Arts, Kramer, Steinberger, Tobias, Slingerland, Maestro, Baldwin, Hamilton, Chickering and Wurlitzer. In professional audio, KRK Systems, TASCAM, Cerwin-Vega, Stanton, and Cakewalk also continue Gibson’s tradition of quality in their respective markets. Consumer electronics brands include Onkyo, Integra, TEAC, and Esoteric.

Gibson Brands recently expanded its reach into consumer markets with the acquisition of Philips' Home Entertainment based in Hong Kong—a company that invented the cassette tape, the CD format, the DVD format and the MP3 format. Under the Philips and Fidelio brand names, Gibson Brands continue to represent the ideal combination of innovation, tradition and a dedication to improving design while maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship.

A global company, Gibson Brands has manufacturing, marketing and research and development centers throughout the world.

All Gibson Brands are dedicated to innovation, prestige and improving the quality of life and music for its customers. Its goal is to provide the most exceptional customer audio products and experiences in the world.


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