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  Baldwin Zhongshan China debuts as Gibson partners with Chinese manufacturer
Monday, August 23, 2004

At a VIP ceremony yesterday in Zhongshan, China, Gibson and Baldwin officially inaugurated a joint venture

with Chinese government and manufacturing partners to form Baldwin Zhongshan China. Gibson will have majority

ownership of the manufacturing facility with partners Yue Hua Music Limited and the Zhongshan city government.


The new venture will produce pianos for the domestic Chinese market as well as for international market and is

part of the Gibson’s long-term growth strategy in China.

Gibson’s first manufacturing plant in China is located in Qingdao and currently produces a variety of acoustic and electric models for Gibson’s prestigious Epiphone brand.



 Gibson’s Henry Juszkiewizc, right, seals the deal for Baldwin Zhongshan China with a

three-way handshake with Feng Jian Zhong, left, president of Yue Hua Enterprises

Hong Kong Co. and Gao Yong Hu, general manger of Zhongshan Yue Hua. 



Gibson plans to strengthen investment in manufacturing, product technology and market development in China. “China

is an important market for Gibson, and Zhongshan Yue Hua is a very valuable investment in helping us further build our

business in an accelerating Chinese music market,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, chairman and CEO of Gibson and Baldwin.

“We want to reinforce our position as a localized partner, working closely with Chinese companies in the musical

instrument industry.


“The business potential is tremendous, and our commitment to success for both ourselves and our Chinese customers

has never been greater,” Juszkiewicz added. “Our efforts in China will continue to emphasize new product and technology development and facility expansion for greater market growth.”


“Cooperation with a music instrument giant like Gibson Guitar gives us the confidence that we will have the right

resources and right business strategies to grow the domestic music industry together,” said Gao Yonghu,

general manager of Zhongshan Yue Hua. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the company.”

 Baldwin Piano Company





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