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Intonation Made Easy with the Gibson Robot Guitar

The Robot Guitar's own Master Control Knob (MCK) Correct intonation is a necessity for great guitar tone. Guitars that are not fully and correctly intonated don't ring with the full spectrum of harmonics, frequently sound out-of-tune on chords (even when they are supposedly "tuned up"), and throw out clunker notes even in simple single-not scale runs, higher up the neck in particular. But the time and skill required to achieve correct intonation mean that many players limp along with imperfect tone rather than going to the trouble of perfecting it. Doing it right usually means going to a professional repairman, surrendering your guitar for however long the shop's worklist is backed up, and paying a hefty charge for the time-consuming work. Doing it yourself, if you don't have the training and experience to do it right, risks throwing your guitar even further out. Until now.

In addition to its automated tuning and alternate/open tuning functions, the Gibson Robot Guitar offers a unique Intonation function, which guides even the most tweak-phobic player through the simple steps of achieving perfect intonation on this revolutionary instrument. No tools or external tuners or other gadgets are needed other than a small screwdriver and the Robot Guitar's own Master Control Knob (MCK). The guitar itself "talks you through" the entire process, resulting in a correctly intonated guitar in a fraction of the time it takes even a professional guitar tech to do the same job.

To access the Intonation mode, you simply pull out the MCK and turn it to "I," then activate it by pressing the control button for three seconds. Pluck the desired string, and the Robot Guitar system tunes it up. Then fret the same string at the 12th fret, pluck it again, and the MCK tells you exactly how to adjust that string's bridge saddle to correctly intonate it: for each green LED illuminated, turn the saddle screw half a turn clockwise, for each red LED turn it half a turn counterclockwise. Repeat with each string, and you have correctly intonated your Gibson Robot Guitar to within 0.2 percent accuracy. in a matter of minutes.

Play a guitar that is correctly intonated, and suddenly you will realize what you have been missing. Chords and scales ring true, harmonics resonate in sympathy, and your overall tone sounds bigger and richer thanks to the absence of the dissonance and harshness that was formerly working against you. Intonation, easily, automatically-only on the Gibson Robot Guitar.