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Wurlitzer Memorabilia Exhibit 



Johnny One Note Logo

Johnny One Note Logo:

A mass advertising campaign by Wurlitzer in the 1940s began using this new company logo, which was officially known as The Sign Of The Musical Note. It features a trumpet-playing musical note with a top hat in front of a spinning record. It appeared on billboards, magazine ads, and a countless array of promotional materials given away by Wurlitzer to operators and customers. The logo was so widely publicized that nearly everyone of the time instantly recognized it.



US Postage Stamp

U.S. Postage Stamp

U.S. Postage Stamp:

The United States Postal Service issued a First Class Stamp to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the most popular jukebox in history, the Wurlitzer Model 1015.



Jukebox Selection Menu

Jukebox Selection Menu

Jukebox Selection Menu:

Patrons of various establishments where Wurlitzer Jukeboxes were located could browse through this musical menu before actually venturing up to the jukebox. This convenience was all part of Wurlitzer's efforts to remain the leader in an industry that was extremely competitive.



Rock & Roll Beer

"Rock & Roll" Beer

"Rock & Roll" Beer:

Although this is not a Wurlitzer sanctioned product, it shows that the entire nation has continued to be fascinated with the image of the classic Wurlitzer Model 1015.



Promotional Button

Promotional Button

Promotional Button:

"Gee Dad, It's A Wurlitzer" was Wurlitzer's advertising slogan that became a national catch phrase in the mid 1950s. It was primarily used in conjunction with the Model 1600 Series and the Model 1700 Series jukeboxes.



Swizzle Stick & Drink Coaster

Swizzle Stick & Drink Coaster

Swizzle Stick & Drink Coaster:

More promotional material provided to operators for the purpose of exposing the Wurlitzer name to as many patrons as possible. The appearance of Johnny One Note on these types of items was very common.



Wurlimagic Brain

"Wurlimagic Brain" Card

"Wurlimagic Brain" Operator's Card:

Business card holder given to jukebox operators in the early 1950s to promote the fact that the Wurlitzer Model 1500 was a very smart machine. The 1500 was the first to play both 78 and 45 RPM records on the same jukebox.


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