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Wurlitzer Jukebox Company

Our founder, Rudolph Wurlitzer was born in Schilbach, Saxony, in 1829. His family had built a reputation for making and selling musical instruments dating back to the 17th century. At age 24 he imigrated to America and, three years later in 1856, he founded The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Initially he imported musical instruments from his family in Germany to sell them on the American market. Eventually Wurlitzer made his way into manufacturing. In 1880, the first Wurlitzer piano was built in the USA. From there it was only a small step to the first jukebox. In 1896, the first coin-operated electric piano, the "Tonophon", hit the market. That was the beginning of what proved to be a continuing success story.

“Since acquiring Deutsche Wurlitzer in 1985, the Nelson Group of Companies has been proud to share in its rich history of crafting iconic jukeboxes which are known the world over, as well as its innovative and growing line of quality vending machines. We are confident that Gibson Guitar will preserve and enhance the company’s established tradition, and we wish them every success in the future,” said Trent Karoll, Joint Managing Director of the Nelson Group. 

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Wurlitzer Jukebox
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