For release Thursday, July 18th 2002

Gibson USA, Memphis give classic Gibsons the full treatment - from sparkles and gold to worn parts and Juju finish

Gibson USA and Gibson Memphis introduce a full range of new electric guitars, from the dark and moody Juju finish of the Voodoo Series to enhancements to a variety of existing models, from the Nashville-built X-Plorer Pro to Memphis ES-series archtops.

X-Plorer Pro: A Gibson classic gets a new look and feel with a slightly smaller body and bound, curly maple top. Mick Jones of Foreigner snagged the first one off the line. The X-Plorer Pro is a member of the new Gibson X-Factor series.

Voodoo Series: Four popular Gibson models get the voodoo treatment, with swamp ash body, deep red Juju finish, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard with red pearl Voodoo skull at the 5th fret, black chrome hardware and Black Magic (red and black exposed-coil) pickups. Offered in X-Plorer Voodoo, Les Paul Voodoo, Voodoo-V and Voodoo-SG.

Gibson Memphis introduces…

Aged ES-175 Reissue: The ES-175 introduced the world to the Florentine pointed cutaway shape in 1949, and it has been the favorite guitar of the jazz world ever since. The Aged ES-175 Reissue, with its antiqued hardware, worn neck and body, and old-style wire tailpiece, has the look and feel of a guitar with some great musical stories to tell.

ES-137 Custom: Gibson modernized the single-cutaway thinbody guitar in the 1990s with the addition of a solid centerblock, and the ES-137 Custom enhances the model with elegant new features, including an ebony fingerboard, split-diamond inlays, 57 Classic humbucking pickups and multi-ply top binding. Available in Candy Apple Red, Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Light Burst and Tri Burst.

ES-137 Classic: The ES-137 Classic combines two classics - the classic look of Gibson's single-cutaway semi-hollowbody guitars and the hot sound of a Gibson Les Paul Classic. The uncovered 490R and 498T humbucking pickups, plus trapezoid fingerboard inlays with an engraved "C" in the 12th-fret inlay, identify this new classic model. Available in Blues Burst, Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Silver and Tri Burst.

ES-345 Reissue: The original ES-345 debuted in 1959 in response to demand for an upgrade on the revolutionary new semi-hollowbody design of the ES-335, with Vari-tone electronics and double-parallelogram inlay. Some things never change. The demand for the ES-345 is still there. And so is the ES-345 Reissue.

Herb Ellis ES-165 Plus: Jazz legend Herb Ellis took a hefty slice of Charlie Christian-style bebop and sprinkled on some blues to create his own classic jazz guitar style in the 1950s. Through his years with the Oscar Peterson Trio and as a soloist, his guitar of choice has been a single-pickup ES-175, but now Gibson has dressed up Herb's signature model with split-parallelogram inlays, a pair of 57 Classic humbucking pickups and special f-hole baffles.

Super Lucille: Gibson has dressed up B.B. King's Lucille, one of the most famous guitars in the world, with gold sparkles in the ebony finish and abalone fingerboard inlays. It still sports the original Lucille's special features, including a Vari-tone with bypass setting and a top with no soundholes, and B.B.'s signature of approval is right there on the pickguard.