Thursday January 24th, 2002

Fireproof vault keeps valuable Gibson guitars safe

The Gibson Collector's Vault, a fireproof storage safe from Gibson's Original Equipment division, offers Gibson owners and dealers the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their investment-grade guitars are secure from fire and theft. The 900-pound safe has a heavy-duty tumbler combination lock and holds up to nine guitars.

"No one would think of leaving thousands of dollars in cash hanging on a wall, and people shouldn't have to take that risk with valuable, collectible Gibsons," said Henry Juszkiewicz, chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp. "The Collector's Vault removes the worry of losing an instrument to fire or theft, so that the owner can fully enjoy his investments. It's the ultimate step in the proper care of a fine musical instrument."

The Gibson Collector's Vault is 60" high, 40" wide and 28" deep, with adjustable inner partitions to accommodate any size guitar. It is equipped with an interior lighting package, an electronic dehumidifier and a pull-out drawer for documents, parts and other small items. A spoke-handle wheel on the door drives the locking bolts into place. An internal child safety release is a feature found on no other safe in this class.

The safe walls are of continuous-formed 10-gauge steel with two inner layers of 1/2" sheet rock for a fire protection rating of 1200º F for 30 minutes. The door is double-walled 10-gauge steel, plug welded to prevent pry attack, with a double layer of sheet rock. The sheet rock is formed inside the double-walled door jambs so there are no voids of fire protection.

The Gibson Collector's Vault has security features not found on most safes, including:

" Punch-proof lock. The back of the lock is protected by a quarter-inch steel plate.

" Punch-proof bolt work. Cam-driven bolt work makes the mechanism virtually punch-proof when the bolt is fully extended.

" Drill-proof lock bolt. The lock that blocks the bolt work is protected by tungsten steel, making it impossible to drill.

Fire protection certification by Omega Point Laboratories, a leading fire research and testing organization, is attached to the door. A label from Underwriters Laboratories gives this safe a burglarly rating of "Residential Security Container."

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