Wednesday September 4th, 2002

Baldwin Launches Classic, Affordable Ellington Line

Baldwin Piano has reintroduced the historic Ellington name on a new line of grand and vertical pianos that represent the century old Ellington ideal of concert-quality sound and action at an affordable price. Ellingtons were originally produced by Baldwin from 1893 through 1930 the boom years of the piano industry and they played a vital role in Baldwins success, outselling all of the other lower-priced brands combined.

"The piano was a primary source of entertainment and cultural enlightenment in the early twentieth century, and Ellington pianos made it possible for nearly every family to own a good instrument," says Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson/Baldwin Chairman and CEO. "With modern production technology, combined with traditional dedication to quality, todays Ellingtons bring the piano dream to new generations."

The new Ellington line includes grands, verticals and a new, compact vertical. The Ellington Model 100 MelodyMaker is a compact, 73-note, true acoustic piano with all the features of a full-size piano including a full-size action. This space-saving spinet model is an excellent alternative to a digital keyboard or a used instrument for the first-time piano student, at a very economical price. When the student has outgrown the piano, it can be traded in for a full-size Ellington.

Ellingtons two new small grand sizes, the 396 and 391 Series, have classic styling and are available in polished ebony, polished white and polished mahogany. High-quality components include solid spruce soundboards, hard rock maple pinblocks, bridges and action parts. A 10/10 warranty is available, 10 years parts and 10 years labor.

The new vertical Ellingtons are available in several sizes and styles including American furniture, contemporary continental, and traditional looks. A variety of finishes are offered including polished ebony, polished cherry, polished mahogany, vintage mahogany, traditional oak, American country regal oak and Queen Anne royal cherry. All vertical pianos feature a laminated spruce soundboard, hard rock maple bridge and action parts, and a 10/10 warranty.

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