Tuesday November 7th, 2002

No "playing noise" as Baldwin manufactures first StealthTM Action

November 19, 2002 (NASHVILLE) The first pianos equipped with Baldwins new StealthTM Action are being built at Baldwins vertical piano plant in Trumann, Ark., and will be shipping soon. For piano owners, the extra-quiet, ultra-responsive action will mean purer piano sound and greater peace of mind.

"With Stealth Action, its not what you hear its what you dont hear," explains Henry Juszkiewicz, chairman and CEO of Baldwin Piano, Inc. "You may not even be conscious of it, but without all those little clicks and clacks underlying the sound, your mind will be more at ease when youre playing a piano equipped with Stealth Action."

Baldwin has been a leader in vertical piano action ever since the Baldwin Full BlowTM Action was introduced in 1939. Stealth Action sets a new standard for the piano industry and is available in 43 ", 45", and 48" vertical pianos. The first instruments equipped with the Stealth Action will be Baldwin Model 248A Professional pianos.

The minimization of playing noise is only one advantage Stealth Action offers. Through the use of top quality parts, the new full-size action also brings a more responsive touch to a vertical piano, and it was designed to be technician friendly. Stealth Actions features include ebonized hard rock maple action parts, nickel-plated hardware, high quality LaReaux action felts from France, Abel hammers from Germany, and a Twin Peaks balance rail.

            Mechanical Diagram [High-res .tif (2.3mb) .jpg (400kb)]

For more information, go to www.baldwinpiano.com.

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