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To download the high resolution images (CMYK or RGB), right click on the the image link, click on "Save Target As" from the menu, save to the hard drive on your computer as the file of your choice and then open with your imaging software (Photoshop, etc.). For Macintosh users, Control-Click on the image link and select "Save to Disk..."

D.H. Baldwin Piano Image Gallery
(Grands & Verticals)

D.H. Baldwin Grands
D.H. Baldwin M5 Series HTML PDF
Traditional Cherry   M5CHY.jpg   1.1mb
Traditional Ebony     M5EBY.jpg   1.1mb


D.H. Baldwin Verticals

D.H. Baldwin 4560 Series HTML PDF
Cherry Finish Lyptus Wood   4562CHY.jpg   648kb
Ebony Finish Lyptus Wood   4569EBY.jpg   605kb
Mahogany Finish Lyptus Wood   4560MAH.jpg   718kb 
D.H. Baldwin 560 Series  HTML PDF
Clear Finish Lyptus Wood   561CLR.jpg   729kb
Red Cherry Finish    562CHY.jpg   729kb
Brown Cherry Finish   562BCHY.jpg   754kb
Distressed Brown Cherry Finish   562BDCHY.jpg   754kb
Ebony Finish Lyptus Wood   569EBY.jpg   754kb
Mahogany Finish Lyptus Wood   570MAH.jpg   712kb