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After a record breaking amount of visual artist entries were received for participation in the Orlando GutiarTown project, members of the Steering Committee gathered at the Gibson Guitar Orlando Entertainment Relations Showroom in downtown Orlando to vote on the 70 artists who will be the official visual artists of the Orlando GuitarTown project.

To read bios on Orlando GuitarTown Visual Artists that have submitted bios, please select an artist from the list below. For a full list of artists chosen, please go to the 10-Foot Les Paul Guitars page or Custom Showcase Guitar page.

Aleya Sattar

Anabell Torres

Andrew Spear

Anita Wexler

Billy The Artist

Branden Loetz

Carl Knickenbocker

Carrie Curtis

Charles Buchanan

Christopher Russell

Chuck Dinkins

Consuelo Bellini

Dan Colonna

Dan Meneely

Deborah Knispel

Deborah Skalstad

Derek Wagner

Donna Dowless

Dottie Kaufmann

Douglas J Nesbitt

Elsie Castaneda

Elsier Avila

Felipe J. Ponzoa

Fr. Valdemar

Gianina Lopategui

Gwynna Forgham-Thrift

Heather Renaux

Heidi C. Kneisl

Jamess Stryganek

Java John Goldacker

Jim Jackson

Joe DeLeon

Jolie Spelman

Juan "One" Sepulveda

Mark Hadley

Marvie Fish

Maryanne Damiano-Hojnacki

Meg King

Meridith Olinger

Michael Finnimore

Monte Olinger

Natalie Davison

Nicholas Mitchell


Olan Quattro

Patricia Coyle

Patrick Davidson and Claudio Menzerotolo

Paul Skomsky

Sandra Monday

Sarah Davis

Shari Sherman

Steve Grew

Susan Mitchell

Tattood Bill

Tiffany Beasi

Tramaine E. Dion

Vicente E. Castillo

William "Bill" Bernoir

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