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Visual Artists

Mark Tattersall, Curator, GuitarTown London
Mark Tattersall started out as a professional musician and then spent 15 years nurturing creative talent in the music industry. Having been an avid art collector for many years, he left the music industry in 2000 and turned his eye to the art world, initially in the form of a contemporary gallery in France. He returned to the UK and set up Mark Tattersall Art Consultancy in late 2005, representing artists in all types of media, selling their work to private and corporate clients and curating exhibitions and events. "Gibson GuitarTown is an extraordinary experience for me, bringing together as it does the two worlds which have dominated my whole working life - art and music. The Gibson Les Paul and SG are design classics which form ideal bases for creative expression. It is also a real privilege to be able to curate the GuitarTown exhibitions in such magnificent locations and for such good causes."

Sir Peter Blake RA
Sir Peter Blake won international fame in the 1960's as one of the leading exponents of the British Pop Art movement. His work is represented in major collections throughout the world. His images are born from a love affair with the icons and ephemera of popular culture and his influence on the music world can be summarized by the seminal cover art for the Beatle's Sergeant Pepper and most recently on Oasis's greatest hits album Stop The Clocks.

Gerald Scarfe
Gerald Scarfe has been political cartoonist for the London Sunday Times for over 38 years, and his work regularly appears in many periodicals, including The New Yorker, and Vogue Magazine. He has had many exhibitions worldwide, including New York, Osaka, Montreal, Chicago and London, and more than 50 one-man shows. His film work includes designing and directing the animation for Pink Floyd's The Wall, and Disney's Hercules. Gerald is participating in the London GuitarTown project as a visual artist designing one of the 10-foot guitars.

Alex Echo
The artwork of Alex Echo can be found in private and corporate collections around the world. His artwork has been used to generate more than £175,000 for various Children's and AIDS related charities, including the royalties from his "IMAGINE LOVE" Swatch Watch. He also created five, monumental, 3-D, 2000 square foot, hand painted billboards for Absolut Vodka on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California. In 2006, Alex exhibited in two, back to back, one-man shows in New York City. He currently is working on three, large, site-specific, sculpture installations in the United Arab Emirates, Knightsbridge, London, and Linz Austria. Mr. Echo's artwork is based on the concept of the compression of language and information. He works in collage, painting, drawing and sculpture.

Mike Cahillane
Many themes run through Mike Cahillane's work - colour, energy, emotion, repetition and accessibility. The labyrinth of colour and intricate repetition draws the viewer into the work. By creating tactile paintings he has allowed the audience not only to view, but also to touch the work, allowing a journey through their senses. He is based in London and shows work at the Adam Gallery.

Mark Eurich
Mark draws on an overwhelming expression from within to create his feelings and emotions on canvas. The spontaneity this provides is resultant within a body of work that is truly inspirational and unique amongst todays young artists. Whilst immersed in his music, with influences such as Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin, he begins his artistic expression. ''Drifting of into my own private world, whilst staring into the white of the canvas, my conscious mind relaxes, and I feel a rush of emotion, the excitement and anticipation of what is about to happen builds up to a point that it can no longer be contained, and that is when I attack the canvas''

Nathlyn Baptiste
Nathlyn Baptiste is the first female artist to be a part of the Gibson GuitarTown London project. Her unique work at her recent solo show, That which is now revealed was once hidden, enthralled collectors, with its depictions on canvas and board-based installations. Baptiste won rave reviews from the Evening Standard and Creative Week for her images that combine intense colour, acute angles and layers of transparent spaces. Art lovers and critics are giving consistent testament to the appeal of her work.

Andrew Logan
Andrew Logan belongs to a unique school of English eccentrics. One of Britain's principal sculptural artists, he challenges convention, mixes media and plays with our artistic values. Born in Oxford in 1945, qualified in architecture in 1960s, he has worked across the fields of sculpture, jewelry, and stage design embodying artistic fantasy in an unprecedented way.

From his early fame also as the founder of the Alternative Miss World in 1972 - now an Institution - he has become an influential artist of international stature, with exhibitions as far a field as USA, Mexico or Russia. His art can be found in public collections such us: National Portrait Gallery (London), National Museums & Galleries (Merseyside), The Australian Gallery of National Art (Sydney) and the Metropolitan Museum (New York). Some of his collectors include: The late H.M. Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Viscountess Caroline Windsor and Lord & Lady John Sainsbury. Photo credit

Andrew Hewkin
Artist and traveler, Andrew Hewkin has traveled the world, from the islands of the Caribbean to Lebanon's Beka valley, in his mission to 'paint the world'. When Andrew was a promising young student he won the Burston award for painting and the John Minton traveling scholarship, which he used to travel around Greece and Turkey for 3 months. The trip turned into a 35 year journey of discovery that has seen him capture the essence of landscapes and culture from war zones to paradise islands such as Barbados, The Maldives and Mustique. "Art became the vehicle for me to indulge my passion for travel", says Hewkin who studied under Peter Blake whilst at the Royal College. His travels have taken him to 56 countries including former conflict zones such as Vietnam, Croatia and the Lebanon.

Rosie Brooks
Initially graduating with a BA in Music from Durham University, Rosie returned to London and has been working as a Cartoonist and Illustrator prolifically ever since. She has worked for magazines and newspapers in the UK and abroad, has illustrated numerous children's books and has produced artwork for theatres, museums and charities such as the Polka Theatre Wimbledon, The Royal Parks and the NSPCC.

Hannah Bays
Hannah Bays is closely affiliated with the London music scene through her artwork for bands such as Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things. Marrying a punk ethos with an often-tragic sense of nostalgia, Hannah explores the beauty of decay, in a particularly English way. Whilst at college she did freelance work for Franc Roddam (director of 'Quadrophenia') and Frost French – alongside her work for bands. She graduated last year and is currently working as a freelance illustrator and artist.

Ian Thomson
Ian Curtis Thomson was born in Egypt and has English and Scottish ancestry. After graduating from art college Ian worked for many years as a graphic designer and art director in various design studios in London. Ian has always thought ideas out in three dimensions and his personal work reflects this. One element of Ian's work is considering opposites, which incorporates feelings, thoughts and imagination. Ian is currently putting together an exhibition, entitled, 'my aim is to reach zero'.

Michael English
My paintings mostly deal with the human form and the visual properties of combining gloss paint with traditional oil painting. My influences range through music, film, fashion and literature, and the fragmentation of image therein. Studied at Wimbledon School of Art and the University of East London (BA Hons). I live and work in London.

Irene Rukerebuka
Irene Rukerebuka is a Manchester based visual artist who has exhibited in Manchester and worked for various publications internationally. Irene produces and publishes a creative opinionated style magazine called Rant and along with a production company that curates site specific art exhibition in disused spaces. Irene also works as a freelance writer, photographer and illustrator.

Pete McKee
The emotional impact of McKee's work cannot be underestimated - like a faded photograph found at the back of a drawer - the artist's work brings to life people, places and characters that time has all but erased. Mods, rockers, British seaside holidays, chopper bikes, working men's clubs, factory girls and teddy boys are just some of the subjects that live on in the world of Pete Mckee. Since his first exhibition in a Sheffield pub in 2005 Pete has had over ten solo exhibitions, showing in New York, London, Dublin, Brighton and Saltaire.- www.petemckee

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer works as a freelance designer and illustrator and is the resident artist and VJ for the new band, 3 White Mice. Jennifer is more used to computer based art, she is a 3D designer and visualiser. Her work extends to new media, video and website design, but continues to express her passion for painting with a mixture of new and traditional media. Most of her painting career up to now has been commissioned murals and record sleeve artwork.

Mauricio Ortiz
Mauricio is a well-kept secret of collectors worldwide who have been quietly acquiring his paintings in recent years. UK fans include Jamie Oliver, who commissioned a piece, and Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich, who owns various large works including examples of the original shell series created for Mogens Tholstrup's The Collection restaurant. He emerged from Costa Rica in 1990 into a patronage from The Delfina Studio Trust since when he lives and works in London.

Jari Kennedy
Jari Kennedy is from Australia, currently living in Brighton. Jari is currently walking the deserts of Mexico to piece together his idea of form and colour as one to create the bond between artist and viewer, the artworks are a symbolization of our movement through the conscious world, so that the artworks are not meant to have extended meaning or deeper philosophies but rather to be taken as they are as the artwork in front of you.

Mel A.
Mel A. Initially trained at Bromley Art College but decided to pursue a career in marketing while continuing with painting on a semi-professional basis.

Mel generally works in oils and has produced commissions to order on a wide range of subjects but specializing in beach scenes and sea-scapes.

Mel has also developed a specialist skill in Old Master copies and for a time painted on a regular basis at the Tate Gallery.

Hugh Gilmour
As an art director and graphic designer for the past 15 years, Hugh Gilmour has worked with some true heavyweights of rock, including Black Sabbath, Motorhead, The Who and Deep Purple. A recent collaboration with Whitesnake lead to an invitation to produce The "Gibson SG Serpent". Rendered in acrylics, Hugh was able to draw on his training as a Technical Illustrator to complete the painting. Hugh also plays bass guitar in Pig Iron, a bluesy hard rock band who have gigged with the likes of Iron Maiden, Budgie and The Almighty, and more recently with heavy rock upstarts The Answer. Pig Iron's first CD featured in 2005's best album polls in Kerrang! and Classic Rock magazines, with a follow up due to be released this summer. More of Hugh's work can be seen at

Alison Griffin
Alison's life-long passion for music was the impetus behind her involvement with this project, as well as leading her to design single covers for upcoming London indie bands. Currently studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, Alison loves to use colour and texture in her work and combines this with mixed media to create bold imagery.

Gail Jones
Since graduating with a textile and fashion degree from Nottingham Trent University and London College of Fashion respectively, I have mostly worked as a fashion stylist for various artists and bands and as an illustrator for designers and film production companies. As an artist I am influenced by the glamour of fashion and the artwork found in rock posters over the last 50 years. I produce quite graphic, often embellished pieces fused together with a variety of media.

Gill Hobson
Gill creates pieces with a richness and intricacy seldom found in contemporary artworks and sculpture. A specialist in glass, her work can be found in UK museum collections and Gill combines disparate elements in a synergy of techniques and materials achieving pieces that blur the boundaries between fine art, craft and sculpture. Throughout her practice organic, cosmological & sociological themes are explored & her pieces often reference networks of relationships and arterial structures. Whether working in two or three dimensional formats, Gill aims to create lyrical, inspirational artworks which elegantly balance thought, pattern & form. Gill is based at Ropewalk Studios, Lincolnshire and also consults and develops opportunities to bring creativity and artistic inspiration to schools, youth groups and community groups in the region.

Noel Paine
Noel Paine is a London Based artist, working from a studio at Trinity Buoy Wharf, directly opposite the O2 on the river. His paintings are drawn from the surrounding East End and changing Dockland area. Where many London painters focus on Landmarks and 'great views', Paine takes us elsewhere, to the unobserved corners we see everyday but pass without thought. He captures the transitory nature of the urban landscape. Focusing on shape, colour, light and space, his work begins in the abstract and terminates in the figurative.

Darren Baker
Darren, a graduate of Bradford Art College, is one of the country's leading painters within the classical realism genre. After graduation he has strove to perfect his technique and vision inspired by several Old Masters and contemporary realist painters.

His talent was recognized early after leaving college and was selected for a unique show of UK artists in New York (2000). In the same year he was appointed official artist of The Professional Footballer's Association.

He has received numerous awards including best artist at The Fine Art Trade guild ceremony in London and The Garrick Prize, Christies, London. In 2005 he was named Yorkshire Young Achiever in the arts.

Darren has received commissions from many bluechip galleries, companies and leading personalities. He has exhibited widely, through North America, Japan, Europe and UK. His London gallery regularly shows his work to acclaim and his new works are eagerly anticipated at international art fairs. Darren's paintings hang in private and public collections, including Downing St and St James Palace, at home and abroad.

Lucy Taylor
Lucy Taylor has a degree in jewelery design from Central St Martins, but has a background in fine art (she is actually much better at drawing than making jewelery!) Since then she has done many things including working with youth groups to make costumes for the Thames festival, and Notting Hill carnival, working for jewelery designers, and painting murals in restaurants and bars.

Lucy specializes in designing and painting murals in public spaces but is also happy to do private spaces, canvases, and illustrations. She is best at monkeys but is open to suggestions!

The inspiration for Monkeyfire: "I wanted it to be rock and roll but not taking itself too seriously. I have created funny characters, a rock band of monkeys with an Orang-utan lead singer and hope people will see the fun in it and enjoy it."

Sujo Remi
Sujo Remi is a collaboration between two artists, whose identities are a closely guarded secret. Over the last four years, Sujo has produced two series of modular rearrangable paintings, 'By Any Other Name' and 'Not In My Name'. Other work has included 'Tate Brighton', a miniature gallery, and 'You Are What You Do', a video installation.

We were attracted to the Gibson Guitar Town London project because manipulation of scale and elements of identity are recurring themes in our work. Our design is taken from Gary Moore's fingerprints on his own Gibson Les Paul Guitar. And, if anyone wants to know who Sujo Remi is, our fingerprints are on there too.

Justine Smith
Born In Somerset, Justine Smith moved to London to study at The City and Guilds of London Art School from 1990 to 1993. She has lived and worked in London ever since.

As an artist Justine Smith is interested in the concept of money, and how it touches almost every aspect of our lives. She is interested in money as a conduit of power and also in the value systems with which we surround it. Through her collages and sculptures she examines our relationship with money in a political, moral and social sense.

Justine Smith has exhibited in Galleries and museums internationally, and has work in the collections of the British Council, the Government Art Collection, financial institutions, international corporations and numerous private collections.

Per José Karlén
Per José Karlén's frequent use of intelligent and artistic solutions means that his work appeals to both adults and children alike. He graduated in 2002 (MA) from the Royal College of Art and have since then worked full time as an illustrator and received praises and prizes such as the Raben & Sjögrens debut prize for his book about "Emotions". Please view his work at:

Alex Machin
"Since attending Medway College of Design I have worked as an artist and illustrator for a variety of clients and numerous design companies in London.My work encompasses various styles and my influences are wide and varied. A recent commission entailed the carving of a full size Totem pole! A long held fascination with the creative dynamics of art and music remains strong to this day.An interest inspired by witnessing some great live shows by all the rock legends over the last few decades. To share this exciting project with all these amazing artists has been a great honour."

Stephen Buckley
Born in Leicester in 1944, Stephen Buckley studied Fine Art at Kings College, Durham University under Richard Hamilton (1962-67) where he was involved in the reconstruction of Duchamp's Large Glass and then at the University of Reading (1967-9) under Terry Frost and Claude Rodgers. He has taught variously at Canterbury College of Art, Chelsea School of Art, The Royal College of Art and was Artist in Residence at Kings College, Cambridge (1972-4). He was appointed Professor of Fine Art at the University of Reading in 1994. He has held over fifty solo exhibitions worldwide and is represented in many national collections.

Tommy Penton
Tommy Penton is best known for his Cover Artwork in the music industry, working for artists like Embrace, Babyshambles, New Order, Orbital, Morcheeba, Talvin Singh. He has executed the poster , album and CD artwork as well as for their Nationwide Advertising Campaigns. This has enabled him to present his work in other forms.

Tommy has recently exhibited large canvas work in Sydney and Print in America. In London he has had shows at the AKA in Covent Garden and Inspiration at the Apart Gallery. Also the Cancer Research UK Sound and Vision Event at Abbey Road Studios.

With work published in Pentagram's 'Pen and Mouse' & 'The Picture Book'. The British Art Council's 'Picture This' with its group tour. REFILL, D&AD and Creative Review among others.

Latest work has been of a personal projected which has taken 18 months. A 68 page book showing a linear portrait of London Life from the Southbank. Which is to be published nexted year.

His work shows an intelligent yet fresh approach to perspective art. It has a bright and fluid style with a gentle sense of humor.

Paul Hart
Paul Hart studied at Bournemouth, Darlington and Winchester Colleges of Art, where he discovered and developed his dual loves of painting and music. His approach to painting is drawn between the strong graphic imagery of the poster and the understanding of form in realism.

The dichotomy this presents helps to strip away the unnecessary, but to focus on the essential Elements of an image. His style lends itself to a broad range of scale and he is as comfortable designing CDs as large murals eg the Compton Acres commission (where Louis Armstrong was filmed singing "Wonderful World"). He has also been commissioned by W.H. Smith and Southern Co-operatives for whom he recently painted a 10 X 30 foot mural, his largest work as yet.

Sam Walker
Sam Walker lives and works in North London, since graduating from the University of Brighton with a degree in 3 dimensional Crafts he has worked in both the fine art and music industries, Working as a guitar maker and repairer since the mid 90's, the guitar town project was ideal collaboration for his work.

Lorraine Savy
Lorraine lives in London, and has a background in Archaeological Draught(wo)manship and Artifact Illustration. She has turned her love of people and their lives Ancient, into the Illustration of Modern Lives onto Glass and Furniture, tables chairs mirrors and so on. "Tell me your lives and likes and secrets,and I will illustrate them for you" The Allegory of a life translated onto a piece of furniture to keep for ever...

AND "I am very proud to be involved in the Gibson GuitarTown Project Art and Music working together for a good outcome....."

David Barrow
After thirty years with a brush in his hand, David Barrow found himself referenced as "the Degas of Northern soul." With subject matter culled from memories of Wigan Pier and surrounding areas, he has had works on display by the RP Royal Portrait Society - Mall Galleries London as well as the RA Summer Exhibition for a third year. Another successful showing was the "Dancin' All Nite" exhibition in Salford Art Gallery.His future looks bright and other prospects are in the works.

Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller both received prints of David's work as a gift from Russ Winstanley as they were performing in the North West, and in March Steve Craddick (OCS) rang to commission him for his bands next album cover - 'Live at the Jam house' and as a limited edition print signed by the group which is published by St. Paul's Gallery, Birmingham.

Niall Kitching
Niall Kitching is a graphic designer & artist from the North East of England. His iconic stencil artwork is a reflection of his love of film, music and skateboarding.

James Holdsworth
James graduated from Chelsea Art College in the late 70's amidst the punk explosion. He emerged as a prominent figure within the debate surrounding the radical reappraisal of art and punk. Having worked in New York for many years he is now based in London and has gained a celebrity following for his photographic silkscreen paintings and is currently exhibiting at Bals Gallery in Tokyo.

Peter Saville
Peter Saville is a designer of unique influence on visual culture. For over twenty-five years he has produced essential innovations in the field of communications, significantly affecting the interplay between art, design and advertising.

Born in Manchester in 1955, he studied graphic design at Manchester Polytechnic from 1975-1978. In 1979, he became a founding partner of the landmark independent record label Factory Records where he created some of the most influential album covers of all time for Joy Division and New Order.

Saville's many clients have included Roxy Music, Ultravox, Peter Gabriel, Pulp and Suede, the Whitechapel Art Gallery and the Pompidou Centre, Yohji Yamamoto, Jil Sander, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Kate Moss, Mandarina Duck and Adidas.

Saville has exhibited internationally, with a major retrospective staged at London's Design Museum in 2003 and subsequently in Tokyo and Manchester. His work is shown at Paul Stolper and Hotel in London and Galerie Neu in Berlin. His first major show in a contemporary art museum was ESTATE at the Migros Museum, Zurich in 2005.

Saville's reputation for contributing to the visual profile of the city of Manchester since the early 1980s has led to an ongoing role as consultant creative director to the City Council and an honorary doctorate from his former college Manchester Metropolitan University.

Sam Hadley
Sam Hadley was born in Shropshire in June 1976 and after gaining 10 GCSE's and 4 A' levels at his local school, chose to pursue his love of Art and further develop his skills and went on to study illustration at Falmouth College of Art.

When he graduated in 1996, Sam began working as a professional illustrator and soon after, his talents were spotted by London based artist agency, Artist Partners who took him on board to represent him internationally.

Sam has since produced artworks for an array of clients which have ranged from large-scale advertising projects with Nike to illustrating the book covers for well known authors which include Tolkien and XX.

Aside from the work Sam obtains through Artist Partners, he also enjoys working on private projects for galleries, which allows him to produce dramatic landscapes and skies on much larger canvases.

Away from his work, Sam is a bit of an outdoor fellow with a penchant for snowboarding, surfing and anything that's generally social.

Anton Corbijn
Anton Corbijn's exhibitions have been extremely successful in Europe and his work can be seen both in museums and galleries and in 14 published books. In addition his work can be seen on around 100 record/CD sleeves featuring artists including U2, R.E.M., The Bee Gees, Travis, Morrissey, The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Bryan Ferry, Herbert Grönemeyer, The Killers, Bruce Springsteen, James Last, JJ Cale, Nick Cave, Marianne Faithfull, and Metallica, etc.

Living and working in Devon, Jock has been creating artwork for print since 2000.

Working mainly in comic books, he started out in the british mainstay 2000AD, drawing JUDGE DREDD among others. He won best newcomer in the NATIONAL COMIC AWARDS in 2001 and this led to commissions stateside for DC COMICS, where he continues to work. Much of this has been for the groundbreaking VERTIGO imprint, and his recent series for them with writer Andy Diggle, THE LOSERS, is currently in development as a motion picture at WARNER BROTHERS.


Sacha Spencer Trace
Sacha Spencer Trace is an Art Director living in London. The co-founder of cult magazine 'Marmalade', she is best know for creating experimental and unique visual techniques such as 'Cut & Paste' for which she was awarded a D&AD in 2006 and the 'Photographic Embroidery' (Tank Magazine, Levis Red 03, Selfridges 03). She has created campaigns for brands such as Levis, Playstation, O2, Honda, Fiat, Penguin 70th Anniversary and created images for Vogue, Jalouse, Tank, Eurhythmics, The Face, etc.

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