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Nashville’s GuitarTown Project, a public arts project that featured 10-foot tall fiberglass Gibson Les Paul or Chet Atkins model guitars was launched in April 2004. The guitar sculptures were designed by local and nationally acclaimed visual artists and displayed throughout Nashville in front of city landmarks and businesses. Many guitar sculptures were partnered with a Country Music Artist and backed by a corporate sponsor. The GuitarTown Project united the Nashville art, music and business communities and raised money for four worthy charitable organizations: Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The DISTRICT, and the United Way of Nashville.

The guitars completed their tour of Nashville in January 2006 and were then sold at the GuitarTown Auction Gala Event, hosted by BMI on February 23, 2006, with all proceeds benefiting the above named charitable organizations.

The Nashville GuitarTown Project is administered through the Gibson Foundation, a Division of the Gibson Guitar Corp., which is dedicated to improving the quality of life through its support of the arts, education, health & welfare and environmental causes.