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Pete Townshend Signs Gibson Guitar for the Austin GuitarTown Project

The legendary Who guitarist-songwriter and Gibson Signature artist, Pete Townshend, takes a moment during SXSW to sign one of the ten-foot Gibson Guitars for the Austin GuitarTown project. The guitar is titled “If I Were a Six-String” and was created by visual artist, Gordon Jones.

Townshend’s latest project is an online program called Lifehouse which is based on the plot of his rock opera Lifehouse. It works like this, he says, “You go to a computer, enter data about yourself, share some stuff about how you feel, put in a photo of yourself, and you get back music. Like sitting for a painting.” The Lifehouse site launches April 25.

The Who are currently performing the last few dates of their North American tour before returning to Europe. For official tour and fan club information visit










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