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AUSTIN, TEXAS- Gibson Guitar unveiled the much anticipated Gibson Guitar ten foot guitar sculptures and showcase guitars as part of the Austin GuitarTown project today. Several more guitars will be added in the coming months. In addition, a majority of the guitars have been paired with celebrities, actors and musicians. The project was unveiled with a special announcement hosted by the Honorable Mayor Will Wynn and music legend Ray Benson at City Hall Pavilion.

The guitar sculptures will be placed all around Austin beginning Tuesday, November 28 and will be featured in an official Austin GuitarTown map available to fans and tourists at various local hotels and business and at the Austin Visitor’s Center located at 209 East 6th Street beginning Friday, December 8. The map and full rundown of all the guitars will also be available on the Austin GuitarTown official website at beginning Friday, December 1.

The unique guitar sculptures have been artistically designed by local and talented visual artists and will be placed throughout Austin in front of the city's landmarks and businesses through the Fall of 2007. Many of them depict favorite Texas scenes or artistic musical themes. Each is a one of a kind piece of art. The sculptures will be auctioned off benefiting four local charities: The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM); The Austin Museum of Art (AMOA); American Youthworks; and the Austin Children's Museum.

Austin Mayor Will Wynn, visual artist Shanny Lott and Ray Benson.

Ray Benson and Visual Artist Jack Terry.

Ray Benson and Visual Artist Tom Music.

Estimated 750 attendees.


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