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Beautiful GuitarTown Sculptures Decorate Austin, Texas


The extraordinary ten-foot guitar sculptures of the Austin GuitarTown project have been painted by some of the city’s most talented artists, and are now adorning the sidewalks and landmarks of the Texas capitol. The public arts project, an initiative of Gibson Foundation, was launched in Nashville in 2005, and has proven to be an incredibly groundbreaking and powerful program. At the gala auction that concluded Nashville GuitarTown, hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised for charity. The same is expected for Austin, with a host of the city’s most prominent residents and celebrities signing on to help raise money for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, the Austin Museum of Art, American Youthworks, and the Austin’s Children Museum.

The beautiful, hand-painted guitars will adorn the already beautiful city for the next several months, before they are auctioned for charity. Drawing on some of the city’s most famous distinctions—including the bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge, and the famously vibrant music scene—the sculptures also highlight Texas history, Tejano music and art, and legendary Texas artists like Janis Joplin.

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