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Austin Guitartown Weathers Severe Flooding

Austin Guitartown Weathers Severe Flooding

As the constant rainfall swells the rivers and lakes of Austin, Texas, residents and city officials are taking precautions to prepare for the flooding that has affected much of the state. The Gibson Guitar Austin Showroom is also joining the ranks of concerned citizens, as 35 10-foot guitar sculptures, part of the Guitartown public arts project, must weather the storm.

Thankfully the City of Austin has taken ownership of the arts project that has so successfully brought together the art, music, and business communities. The Parks Department offered to rescue four of the 10-foot guitar sculptures from Auditorium Shores, whose banks were quickly disappearing from the deluge of rain and as a result of the Lower Colorado River Authority opening several flood gates in the city.

Austin residents can rest assured that Guitartown will brave the floods.




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