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Austin GuitarTown is a public arts project featuring 10-foot tall fiberglass Gibson Les Paul Guitar Sculptures which are to be artistically designed by Texas based visual artists and celebrities along with smaller Showcase Gibson Les Paul guitars. The guitar sculptures will be placed throughout Austin in front of city landmarks and businesses which will serve as an artistic reminder and display of Austin’s great musical heritage. This is a great opportunity for Texas based visual artists and celebrities to be involved with a unique public arts project.

Time Line
Guitars Arrive For Visual Artists: May 2006
Visual Artist Application Deadline: June 19, 2006
Selection of Visual Artists: June 2006
Guitars Completed and Returned By: September 2006
Guitar Unveiling Event: November 2006
Display Dates: November 2006 – Fall 2007
Auction Gala Event: Fall 2007

Visual Artist Proposal
Each artist must submit a proposal by completing the Visual Artist Application provided by the Austin GuitarTown project. Only original applications will be accepted. Each application must include a detailed drawing of their concept using the guitar template provided. No other size or template will be accepted. If you wish to submit more than one proposal, you must submit a separate application for each proposal.

The artist may paint and/or adorn the guitar using any medium; however, the structural integrity of the guitar must be maintained and the guitar must be able to withstand outdoor elements. It is strongly recommended that proposed designs not include items that can easily be broken, vandalized or damaged or include paper or other materials easily damaged by the outdoor elements.

Creative designs and titles the public will enjoy and remember are encouraged for each proposed guitar. All designs must be appropriate for family viewing. Designs that include unacceptable messages will not be accepted. This includes anything sexual, commercial or political in nature.

Each artist may be paired with a celebrity partner but it is not guaranteed. This celebrity may opt to assist in some way, or may have no other involvement than as a name partner. It will be up to the Austin GuitarTown project team and Steering Committee to determine any and all celebrity involvement. All visual artists participating must agree to partner with a celebrity as designated by the official Austin GuitarTown project team.

All Visual Artist Applications must be submitted no later than Monday, June 19, 2006. Any applications received after the deadline will not be viewed or accepted. Visual Artists Applications will not be returned and will become the property of Austin GuitarTown project, Gibson Guitar Corp and the Gibson Foundation.

Selection Process
The Austin GuitarTown project team and Steering Committee will review all applications for compliance with the project guidelines and select the visual artists for the project. All decisions are final.

Visual Artists Supplies and Recognition
Each Visual Artist selected for Austin GuitarTown will receive the following:

• Gift Certificates: $150 for each 10 foot guitar and $75 for each showcase guitar will be provided to Miller Blueprint to help defray cost of materials for this project. Any artistic materials beyond the certificate are the responsibility of the visual artist.
• Credit and recognition for their guitar design throughout the Austin GuitarTown project, including name on plaque attached to base of guitar on display
• Headshot, bio and photo of guitar featured in the Austin GuitarTown book
• One commemorative Austin GuitarTown Book
• Two Tickets to the Austin GuitarTown Auction Gala Event in April 2007
• Eligibility to receive invitations to select activities associated with Austin GuitarTown
• Eligibility to be featured on the Austin GuitarTown website
• Opportunity to participate in a city wide arts project with worldwide media attention

Copyright / Representations
Each Visual Artist will be deemed to have assigned the entire copyright, title and interest to the Austin GuitarTown project, Gibson Guitar Corp and the Gibson Foundation ( “ The Project “ ) . The Austin GuitarTown project will reserve the right to use any image, photograph or video of the work during and after the Austin GuitarTown project for publicity and promotions purposes, including but not limited to books, posters, maps, brochures, and cards for no additional compensation. Additionally, the Visual Artist does not retain ownership of the guitar sculpture at any time and by participating agrees to relinquish all rights to the sculpture, artwork, design and name and all related rights.

The Visual Artist also represents that he/she has or shall have all rights of ownership or use of any designs or images in connection with any design or concept submitted in the Visual Artist Application and shall permanently and irrevocably transfer all worldwide rights or ownership or use in the Visual Artist Application or any guitar, whether in process or a finished state, to The Project without any additional compensation.

Artist Responsibility
It is the responsibility of each Visual Artist to transport the guitar sculpture to and from the distribution site. Visual Artists will need to make arrangements for their own studio space to complete the guitar. The guitar will remain the property of Austin GuitarTown, Gibson Guitar Corp and the Gibson Foundation at all times, including but not limited to the time when the guitar is in the artist’s possession or on display. Each Visual Artist is responsible for any damage or theft while in their possession. Each Visual Artist will need to be available for minor repair work on their guitar for the duration of The Project.

Upon picking up the guitar, we recommend using a Jasso primer which is effective for painting on fiberglass surfaces. This primer will be available at Miller Blueprint. In addition, the project will apply a heavy coat of lacquer on order to assist the guitar in withstanding the elements of the outdoors. If applicable, we may ask that the artists assist in maintaining the sculpture should it receive any damage during its display outdoors.

The Guitar Sculpture
Each guitar sculpture is 10 FT Tall, 40 inches wide, 6 inches thick, and approximately 60 lbs.
The fiberglass guitar manufacturer will prime the guitar sculpture. Each guitar sculpture will be accompanied by a metal guitar stand that will allow the guitar to be displayed only vertically. The stand may be incorporated into the design concept. The guitar sculptures will need to be completed and returned to the distribution site on the designated due date. The Visual Artist hereby agrees that The Project reserves all rights, including but not limited to the right to retrieve any guitar not delivered to The Project by that date, and grants The Project all rights of access for retrieval in that event.

Guitar Installation and Display
Guitar sculptures will be placed in both indoor and outdoor display locations throughout Austin. Outdoor sculptures will be secured to cement bases. In its sole discretion, The Project will decide the display location of the guitar sculpture and make arrangements for the delivery and removal of each guitar in the exhibit.

GuitarTown Sponsors
The Project reserves the right to promote the event in its sole discretion, including but not limited to soliciting sponsors for The Project and/or individual guitars and/or to use the guitars and guitar templates for fundraising for charitable purposes, all without any compensation of any kind, in whole or in part, to any Visual Artist. Sponsors may be given the opportunity to select a guitar for display at a select location. No such activities shall be deemed to affect the transfer of all rights to The Project or the reservation of rights on behalf of The Project. The Project expressly further reserves the right to cancel Austin GuitarTown and/or selection of any Visual Artist Application, proposal or guitar at any time with no prior notification to the Visual Artist.

Austin GuitarTown Contact Information
Austin GuitarTown
Gibson Family of Brands
3601 South Congress, G400
Austin, TX 78704
Phone: 512.692.4191 Ext. 3